At RedPoint, we empower businesses by providing custom Salesforce® solutions that drive innovation and productivity.

Salesforce® QuickStart

Our expert team of Salesforce certified professionals knows how to ask the right questions to ensure your business needs are met. The QuickStart is an intense one-week dive into your business that will allow companies that are new to Salesforce CRM to quickly see results. By the end of the week, your Salesforce organization will be ready for your new engagement with leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and more.

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Salesforce QuickStart

Pardot Marketing Automation

Pardot Marketing Automation

Pardot, a B2B marketing automation system, seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce CRM and empowers your sales teams by an increase in quantity as well as quality of your lead generation. Pardot houses all of your marketing and selling tools under the same roof, delivers insights into your prospect activities, automates your lead nurturing, and provides you with closed-loop reporting capabilities.
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App Development

The Salesforce App Cloud enables delivery of secure, reliable, and scalable applications. But building amazing apps is a journey. RedPoint Solutions, a Salesforce Certified PDO, has a long history of architecting, building and implementing apps for OEM and ISV Partners. Whether you are extending Salesforce or building a new application, the RedPoint expert team of certified professionals take you from the app conception to the security review and beyond. RedPoint Solutions helps you create and launch amazing apps, faster.
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Salesforce PDO

Heroku PaaS

Heroku Platform (PaaS)

Heroku has everything you need to build and scale your internal and external apps. If you need to extend your existing Salesforce org with big data or add a Consumer Community, RedPoint can show you the way. Tell me more…




We tried to build a Salesforce Customer Community on our own but failed. We have worked exclusively with RedPoint ever since. They “hear” what we want and then develop what we actually need.Derek Yankoff,
I’ve used RedPoint for several years. I present my user needs and they brainstorm with me on the possible solutions. They are easy to communicate with and develop the simple, cost-effective fixes that I need. They always come in on budget and timeline. I highly recommend using RedPoint Solutions.Charlotte, Biodesix